Jan 242013

An ear for optical theory.

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Playlist for Phantom Circuit #113

Available from 24th January 2013

Artist Track Source
Severed Heads Canine Bad Mood Guy
Floating Spirits Black & White Transmissions We Are One
Jeff Mills Transmitting Data To Mission Control The Occurrence
Ambienteer Transmission Noise Works
Phosphene Transmitter Phosphene Transmitter Phosphene Transmitter
Der Zyklus Optical Fingerprint Correlation Biometry
Michael Nyman An Eye for Optical Theory The Draughtsman’s Contract
Altered:Carbon Retina (Dissolved Burning Sensation Rmx) Altered:Carbon Reassembled
Burning Artist Paint, Rain, Train, Play, Bank, Paint No Labels No Musics
OH/EX/OH Burners Extant
OH/EX/OH The Holy Fallout Extant
The Cardboard Lung Oxo House Prepare for Government
Barry Gray UFO: End titles UFO
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