Dec 112012

Music for December skies.

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Playlist for Phantom Circuit #111

Available from 11th December 2012

Artist Track Source
Marcel Pequel December The 12 Months
Konstruktivists Black December Psyko-Genetika II
Dick Mills / BBC Radiophonic Workshop Through The Black Hole Essential Hi Tech Sound Effects
December Nightskies Leaving Earth To Live In Space I Leaving Earth To Live In Space
Kogyo Dark Space Fuego
Delayscape Spacesmith Moments, Men and Places
emptywhale Woodlands Fearscapes
Tetarise She Lives in the Purple Forest Through the Silent Void
Drexciya Habitat ‘O’ Negative Neptune’s Lair
Bernadette Erikka No Way, not Today! My Life is a Comedy
Doxa Sinistra No Car, no Job Conveyer Belt
Wim Mertens No Plans No Projects Educes me
György Ligeti / Berliner Philharmoniker Atmosphères The Ligeti Project II
Jonathan Harvey / Nash Ensemble end titles Richard Jefferies: The Man on the Hill
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  1. Nice to see Emptywhale in the running. Nice drop o’stuff there!