Nov 052012

Round and round the garden.

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Playlist for Phantom Circuit #109

Available from 5th November 2012

Artist Track Source
Texense Holy War of The Nibelungen Was Born
Clytem Scanning Wargarden Clytem Scanning
Arzachel Garden of Earthly Delights Arzachel
The Rare Plants Garden Lato M The Rare Plants Garden
Quimper Overgrown Overgrown
John Foxx Through Gardens Overgrown Cathedral Oceans III
Repetition/Distract Gnawing Through The Draperies Peripheral Geometries
Nobuto Suda Repetition and Research SEQUENCE2
Repetition A Still Reflex Les Disques Du Crépuscule 1980-1985
Fractional Acomba Still Life?
Tiruset Fractal Question Sectioned v2.0
Question Mark & the Mysterians 96 Tears The Best of Question Mark & the Mysterians
Les Maledictus Sound Heathcliff Y Cry Your Name Les Maledictus Sound
Music for Zombies Say My Name Frightened Pumpkin Boy (Songs from a Missing Halloween)
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