Oct 072012

Night-time valleys and glass mountains.

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Playlist for Phantom Circuit #107

Available from 7th October 2012

Artist Track Source
Wildfield Wet Glass …and will protect from all evil
Ross Baker Fields and Valleys Photographic Reflection
Tension Co. Night Valley (Valdelarco’11) El Olvido
Garden Hall The Valley Of Hills Melded Mementos
Enno Velthuys Mountain Of Glass A Glimpse Of Light
John Praw Crystal Glass Split Continents +
Hervé Perez & Alex Hegyes Fragmented Glass Winds of Change
Hanetration Splinter Torn Heat
k.h.a. Broke&Runrunrunrun High Core Overdose
Boris Heizmann Magma Symmetry Breaking
Guy Birkin Gabor-Fourier Symmetry-Breaking

A couple of artists’ names were definitely mispronounced this time (as opposed to having been “quite possibly” mispronounced, which is the norm). Sorry. As always, the playlist on this site is your most accurate guide.

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  2 Responses to “Phantom Circuit #107”

  1. Really surprised and chuffed to see Enno Velthuys. I managed to grab most of his albums via downloads a whole back and wondered why this guy was overlooked.

  2. Well you can rely on Phantom Circuit not to overlook him: you’ll find more by Enno Velthuys in shows 15 and 91. 🙂