Mar 222012

More mind-boggling music from the Phantom Circuit.

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Playlist for Phantom Circuit #95

Available from 22nd March 2012

Artist Track Source
Razxca Wzgrope (Microprocessor Rmx) RMX-ed
The Microgram One Way 5th Anniversary Groovecaffe
Bagual Micrófono Second Hand Friendship
Albrecht Friend Deepspace
Rüdiger Lorenz Francis and Friends Southland
Francis Bebey Bissau Akwaaba
Sidney Hemphill Devil’s Dream Black Appalachia
Raining Cloud There’s a Cloud in the Street Dreamscapes Volume 1
InternalExternal Cloudy Raintime Cumbria Remixed
Bubble Cone I Cumbria Remixed
Electricplum Overworked Door Shot To Pieces By Frog Cumbria Remixed
Iky Iky No More I No More
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