Mar 102012

Running scared between cathedrals. Vivid invisible architecture.

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Playlist for Phantom Circuit #94

Available from 10th March 2012

Artist Track Source
The Monkees Valeri The Birds, The Bees and The Monkees
The Bee Vulkan (BL Busted into Shape Rework) Beelogic
Nonima LCD Shapeless Scream Unheard
SonVer Anonima SonVer
Julia Kent Fontanarossa Delay
David Lynch Untitled [7] The Air is on Fire
Vladimir Ussachevsky Suite From No Exit: Part 5 Electronic Film Music
Between Cathedrals Fraidy Cat Matriarch
Najma Running Scared Vivid
John Foxx Invisible Architecture Cathedral Oceans
Gazelle Twin Fight-or-Flight The Entire City
Gazelle Twin Bell Tower The Entire City
BJ Nilsen The Invisible City The Invisible City
Tristram Carey City Music 3 Devil’s Planets
Reptilicus Initial Conditions (Senking Remix) Initial Conditions (7″)
László Hortobágyi Reptiles’ Temple Transreplica Meccano
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