Sep 282011

Loki stones, singing bowls, echoing guitars, energetic electronics, neofolk and an unplanned collaboration in a quarry. And more, of course.

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Playlist for Phantom Circuit #83

Available from 29th September 2011

Artist Track Source
Sa Zobud Vsetko Spi Vsetko Spi
Fucket Bucket Hallucinatory Ping-Pong Slovak Subculture Sound 1
Bengalfuel Ratigator Woglum
The Grey Field Project A Moment in the Silent Crowd Emeld zászlónk a magasba!
Günter Schickert Dig It 2 Somnambul
Dentist Fortress Sectioned V. 2.0
Doc Deem Just Judy Tight Tight
Dissolved Thermochromism in the Loki Stone Sectioned V. 2.0
Sieben Loki’s Lust and Punishment Sex and Wildflowers
Jo Quail Prelude From the Sea
Iain McNicol and Rachel Singleton Flute and Bowl in the Cathedral Cumbria Remixed
Jack Hertz Zen Bowling No Labels No Musics
John Foxx Points of Departure Tiny Colour Movies
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