Jun 012011

Mixcloud appWhen you listen to Phantom Circuit, audio is streamed to your computer (or compatible mobile phone etc.) using the Mixcloud service. Mixcloud now also works with the previously incompatible iOS devices made by Apple (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad) using a free app which the company released today.

Just download and install the Mixcloud app as you would for any other iOS app. Then you will have to enter your Mixcloud user name and password. If you aren’t a member of Mixcloud, you can quickly join for free on Mixcloud’s site. Only a name and password has to be supplied, no personal data.

To find Phantom Circuit’s cloudcasts, type “phantom circuit” into the Search box and click the “Cloudcasts” tab.

Tip: if you add any edition of Phantom Circuit to your “Favourites” you can then quickly call up that show and click at the top of the track list: that will take you to Phantom Circuit’s profile page, which has a list of available shows.

If for some reason you don’t want to join Mixcloud, there is still the method for home listening that we came up with previously, but it’s very limited in scope. If you want to listen to Phantom Circuit and other cloudcasts when you are on the move, you need this new app. Whilst it has some rough edges (it lacks simple bookmarking of favourite cloudcasters and it doesn’t yet highlight the currently playing track), it’s a very worthwhile first release.

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