Dec 152010

Featuring a spooky live performance of radiophonic music by The Octopus Collective.

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Playlist for Phantom Circuit #57

Available from 15th December 2010

Artist Track Source
Hong Kong in the 60s Now Boarding/The Arrival Places
The Technophonic Chamber Orchestra This Place Beats and Movements
The Raytownian(s) Take Me Back to Tuscaloosa Of Places and Moments
Benjamin Dauer Sense of Place Burning of Wine
The Octopus Collective [live in Ulverston, 25th Sept. 2010] [live in Ulverston, 25th Sept. 2010]
Rebecca Joy Sharp & Simon Whetham 06 The Clearing
Zoe Keating Forest Into the Trees
Werkbund Weit Draußen Weit Draussen
Project Clockwork Now Time
Project Clockwork Time (Original) Time demo