May 032009

Phantom Circuit stays at home this time, away from those sneezing people in the crowds. You know it makes sense.

The music selection this time is a little more snotty than in recent editions: that is not at issue (bless you). However, although some of the music may get up your nose, Phantom Circuit is as ever guaranteed to be as soothing on the throat as mainstream radio (i.e. not at all), provided you don’t try to sing along – especially not to the first track (great though it is).

Look, are you going to press that “play” button or not?

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Playlist for Phantom Circuit #19

Available from 3rd May 2009

Artist Track Source

Die Liebe ist ein Abenteuer

He Said

Watch – Take – Care

Take Care

Bird Flu

[Internet Archive]
Luca Capozzi

Back to A

Apocalypse Meow

Mode of Infection

Knife Ladder
Richard H. Kirk

Information Therapy

Disposable Half-Truths
Ah Cama-Sotz

None of this is True

Terra Infernalis
Art Bears


The World as it is Today
Lalo Schifrin

Music to Interrogate By

Citizen UK

Dining on Expenses

Citizen UK
Severed Heads

Twenty Deadly Diseases

Come Visit the Big Bigot
Second Layer

Black Flowers

World of Rubber
Gil Melle


The Andromeda Strain
Cabaret Voltaire

Spread the Virus

Red Mecca


Mael Intuition

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