Dec 022008

This week’s show – on air as this is posted – has been given over to coverage of Nash the Slash‘s performance at the Barfly in Birmingham last Saturday: an exclusive recording on the gig plus an interview.

Nash was the headline act for an evening which also included Y.T.D.S., Johnny Normal and Deviant UK. Those who braved the cold and came along had a good evening – even in Birmingham some people manage to tear themselves away from the warmth of home and the hypnotic appeal of television. Not that all TV is bad: here’s a nice video introduction to Nash’s work from 1982!

[Update 13th May 2014: this show can now be heard here]

 Posted by on December 2, 2008

  4 Responses to “Phantom Circuit #10”

  1. Thanks for broadcasting this gig, guys. I’ve been a fan of Nash since forever, saw him in Oxford in ’81, saw the recent London show, and caught your recording of Birmingham in a web trawl… great stuff. Tragic that acts like Nash get such a small audience, while X-Factor crap rules the airwaves… ho hum. Anyway, now I’ve found your show, I’ll be listening –

  2. Yes, in Nash’s case it’s what you might call the “Mr. X factor”? Thanks for listening!

  3. Thank you for recording the night…and for my copy of the show too…you were true to your word. Nice quality recording. It would be a pleasure to be on your podcasts.
    I wish you well with the show for a great future.
    best wishes
    johnny normal

  4. Thanks a lot – I’ll make further enquiries on the podcast side, and please keep us informed about your activities!