Nov 202008

This week’s show offers a load more wonderful music including tracks from a new retrospective double CD of music by the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, traditional music from Vietnam, Belgian technopop, talking guitars and electronically enhanced jazz… but all for reasons which will be explained…

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Phantom Circuit #8, 20th November 2008

Artist Track Source
Vangelis Spiral Spiral
Benoît Widemann Spirale Stress!
Poesie Noire Spiral Love is Colder than Death
The Peanuts Let’s Try to be Happy The History of Mothra
Telex Peanuts Looney Tunes
Telex Moskow Diskow Looking for San Tropez
Black Box Recorder The Art of Driving The Art of Driving (single)
The Normal Warm Leatherette Warm Leatherette (single)
Delia Derbyshire / BBC Radiophonic Workshop Know Your Car (Get Out and Under) BBC Radiophonic Workshop: A Retrospective
Richard Attree / BBC Radiophonic Workshop No Easy Road BBC Radiophonic Workshop: A Retrospective
[uncredited musicians] Ensemble de gongs: musique pour le sacrifice aux génies de la maison commune Musiques et chants des Jörai
[uncredited musician] Vièle à résonateur buccal Musiques et chants des Jörai
Stillwater Mindbender Hotels, Motels and Road Shows
Annette Peacock I’m the One I’m the One

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  1. The “Musiques et chants des Jörai” is outstanding, especially “Vièle à résonateur buccal” – thanks muchly for putting that one up.. well worth the effort!